Poultry farm worker

Poultry farm worker

Job Description :

Are you interested in agriculture and animal care? Do you have a keen interest in contributing to the production of high-quality eggs? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join our team as a poultry farm worker!

about us

JOBJOJ FARM is a family owned and free range poultry farm located in L’Aquila Italy. We are committed to providing fresh, high-quality eggs while adhering to ethical and sustainable agricultural practices. We take pride in the health of our chickens and the quality of our products. JOBJOJ FARM is pleased to be expanding with a second free range poultry farm to be built near L’Aquila with completion in late 2025.

As a Poultry Farm Hand, you will play a vital role in the daily operations of our farm. Your responsibilities will include caring for the laying hens, ensuring a clean and healthy environment, and actively participating in the egg production process.

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