Welcome to the opportunity of a lifetime! If you're looking for a unique seasonal job in Italy, our farms offer a fantastic chance to work in the agricultural sector from March until August 2025. Join a team of over 300 people during the peak harvest season in July and August, and immerse yourself in Italy's vibrant agricultural landscape.

About the Seasonal Job Opportunities:

Our farms in Italy provide various seasonal job opportunities in different locations, each offering a distinct experience. Below is a detailed description of the available positions:

Available Positions:

Seasonal Jobs:

Greenhouse Labourer

  • Location: Barletta Andria Trani District, Italy
  • Description: Looking for up to 22 casual seasonal workers to assist in our greenhouse operations.
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Farm Maintenance/Mechanic

  • Location: Ordona, Foggia, Italy
  • Description: Critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of farm equipment.
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Poultry Farm Worker (Full-Time)

  • Location: Borgo Ottomila, Italy
  • Description: Ideal for those interested in agriculture and animal care.
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Farm Supervisor

  • Location: Ordona, Foggia, Italy
  • Description: Responsible for organizing and managing daily farm activities.
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Livestock Farm Guard

  • Location: Borgo Ottomila, Italy
  • Description: Caring for and securing approximately 75 acres of farmland.
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General Farm Worker

  • Location: Ordona, Foggia, Italy
  • Description: Committed and motivated individuals needed to contribute to farm success.
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Labourer - Packaging

  • Location: Ordona, Foggia, Italy
  • Description: Workers needed in the fruit and vegetable packing department.
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Horse Barn Worker (Permanent)

  • Location: Ordona, Foggia, Italy
  • Description: Experienced handlers responsible for feeding and turning horses.
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Spraying Agent

  • Location: Ordona, Foggia, Italy
  • Description: Looking for 6 enthusiastic individuals as Sprinkler Operators.
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Tractor Operator

  • Location: Ordona, Foggia, Italy
  • Description: Skilled individuals needed for tractor driving.
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Details of Working on Our Unique Farms:

Harvest Season: The peak harvest season in July and August offers numerous opportunities to get involved in picking fresh vegetables and fruits. The experience of working in fields spread over 1,200 hectares, filled with the sweet smell of the earth and the vibrant colors of green fields, is unforgettable.

Professional Development and Additional Benefits: We value professional development and offer growth opportunities for outstanding workers throughout the agricultural year. Workers benefit from learning opportunities, skill development in agriculture, and other perks, including:

  • Adequate housing
  • Work clothing
  • Meals during the working season

Job Opportunities and Financial Rewards: Employment is available from February through March for approximately 170 people, with hourly opportunities during the harvest season. Financial rewards range between 9 and 15 euros per hour, depending on the job type, adhering to the collective agreements of agricultural industries in Italy. Our company is committed to providing a fair and comfortable working environment for all workers.

Diversity and Inclusion: We welcome enthusiastic workers from all countries, nationalities, and ethnicities. Our agricultural family is characterized by diversity, creating an integrated and unified work environment.


What is the duration of seasonal jobs on the farms? The seasonal jobs are available from March to August, with peak activity in July and August.

Does the funding cover the cost of flight tickets? Yes, the funding includes reimbursement for flight tickets.

What benefits are provided with seasonal jobs? The benefits include free accommodation, a monthly salary, free meals, free language courses, and reimbursement for flight tickets.

Do I need a language certificate to apply? No, a language certificate is not required to apply.

What documents are required for the application? You will need to submit a CV and a motivation letter.

How can I apply for these jobs? You can apply by clicking on "APPLY" for the desired position, registering, uploading your documents, and filling out the necessary details.

What are the acceptance criteria? Applicants should be active in youth work and open to personal development.

Are there any fees for submitting the application? No, there are no fees for submitting the application.

Which organization is providing these job opportunities? The opportunities are provided by jobjoj, offering seasonal work in the agricultural sector in Italy.

What is the pay rate for workers? Pay rates range from 9 to 15 euros per hour, depending on the job type, following the collective agreements for agricultural industries in Italy.

Does the farm provide accommodation and transportation? Yes, the farm provides suitable accommodation and covers the cost of internal transportation.

How to Apply:

  • Browse available jobs and select the one that fits your interest.
  • Click on "APPLY" to start the application process.
  • Register, upload your CV and motivation letter, and fill out the necessary details.


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to Job in Italy's agricultural sector. Join our team at jobjoj, contribute to the thriving Italian agriculture, and enjoy an unforgettable experience.